Our main objective at Proper Basketball is to enhance the athletic experience of every camper.

Over the last 15 years basketball coaching methods at every level of the game have changed. At the youth level, proper fundamental basketball techniques and skills are being taught less frequently. Young players are typically great at dribbling, but not at passing. Many young basketball players are never taught how to get open or set a proper screen. Executing a layup with both hands, making a good post move, and understanding how to read the defense and react accordingly, are basketball abilities which need to be properly developed at the youth level. Being a good teammate, contributing in small ways to big wins, and being enthusiastic, are all key characteristics of a winning player in both sports and life. Proper Basketball seeks to turn back the hands of time to when coaches actually taught these valuable aspects of the game. Attending Proper Basketball Camp will help all young athletes excel in whichever sport they love most.

Our coaching staff is experienced in teaching basketball to athletes of all ages and skill levels. We are proud to partner with youth coaches, NCAA college coaches, current and former college players, and current and former professional athletes. The Proper Basketball network of respected teachers and coaches allows us to provide the best youth sports camp in New England. We are not a “kill time” camp like many expensive camps out there. Our staff members are passionate coaches and teachers who are committed to enhancing the experience of your child. Proper Basketball Camp is designed for campers to build valuable friendships while becoming better athletes. Our drills and competitions focus on improving basketball skills, confidence, and teamwork abilities. No matter their preferred sport, Proper Basketball Camp will help your child to stay in shape throughout the summer and create memories that will last a lifetime.